We care for the environment. Energy refurbishment of Apartments Brina

In Brina apartments, we are aware about the connection between energy, environment and tourism. We can preserve the environment that we have borrowed from our descendants through the sustainable use of the energy and materials. We wish that Slovenia will continue to preserve nature in the future and attract tourists from all over the world.

Eco friendly behaviour and lifestyle is the cornerstone of our accommodation concept. We have set ourselves the goal of maximizing the use of renewable energy sources and increasing the efficient use of energy and also preserving the authenticity of our alpine arhitecture.


The activities within the operation were:

1. Replacement of windows with new energy efficient three-layer windows with wooden frames
2. Modernization of the existing heating system with a modern heat pump, which collects heat from the groundwater
3. The implementation of solar collectors and modernization of the outdated inefficient heating system
4. Replacement of trash cans
5. Energy efficient lightning
6. Education for employees about energy efficiency and introduction to energy management system

With the installation of energy-efficient windows we have reduced the existing energy consumption. The quality wooden windows Ekostar of Jelovica d.o.o., which meet the strictest requirements for obtaining eco-subsidies, were installed in both apartments. In the production of window frames, Jelovica followed the ecological guidelines for a more rational use of wood, therefore the frames are made of wood with visible joints. The Ekostar wooden window features a modern aesthetic design of straight lines.

Properties of installed windows:

1. Window frames are made from larch wood
2. A three-layer, warm-edge glass is an excellent protection against noise and weather conditions
3. Excellent structural stability ensures long window life
4. Flat glass slats on the inside of the window
5. Energy class A +
6. Thermal transmittance of the glass Ug = 0,6 W/m2K
7. Thermal transmittance of window Uw = 0,88 W/m2K

The greatest contribution to the reduction of CO2 emissions was achieved by the modernization of the central heating system and the passage from liquefied petroleum gas to the exploitation of groundwater energy through a modern water to water heat pump. Water to water heat pumps are among the most efficient heating systems, as the groundwater temperature is relatively constant. A comprehensive update of the system of machine installations, hydraulic balancing and proper regulation enable the efficient operation of the system and improve the interior comfort of the building.

An additional increase in the share of Renewable Energy Resources was achieved by installing high-quality and high-performance solar collectors DE DIETRICH PRO C250 with the following characteristics:

1. High efficiency thanks to the use of high transparency glass (transmission> 91%) and flat aluminium absorber with selective coating and sinusoidal heat exchanger, which ensures complete and constant wetting of the surface of the collector
2. Durability of the aluminium body and the coverage with a high-pressure and resistant solar glass
3. Sophisticated aesthetic in anthracite anodised aluminium profile housing
4. Steamback system against overheating
5. Insulation (40 mm) and side insulation (50 mm) in very thick mineral wool, which reduces heat losses

Seventy-seven percent of all the water on Earth is salty, and thus not suitable for drinking. Only 3% of the water is fresh water, of which only 0.5% of water is suitable for drinking. The other 2.5% of the fresh water is in the form of ice, glaciers, the atmosphere, below the earth’s surface or is too polluted for consumption. With an increase in the number of people and with such a small percentage of water that is suitable for consumption, it makes sense to preserve this valuable resource. Since each of us is water-dependent, it is our responsibility to carry out as many water conservation measures as possible, and thus help keep our resources clean and safe for future generations. Therefore, one of the measures to reduce water consumption was achieved by the installation of energy-saving fittings in the kitchen and bathrooms.

Waste is not only an environmental problem, it also causes high costs. On average, Europeans produce 481 kilograms of municipal waste annually. An increasing proportion is recycled or composted, but less is sent to the landfill. In order to facilitate recycling, Brina apartments decided to take part in more efficient waste management. Thus, we replaced all existing trash bins with the new waste bins and added a common storage for bio-waste and glass-waste to the existing capacities.

The implemented measures will not only help to reduce the environmental impact but also increase the comfort of our guests. Thus, we have linked three key segments – environment, energy and tourism.

The investment was co-financed by the Republic of Slovenia and the European Union from the European Regional Development Fund.

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